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Final words about the SOURCES of the Great RELIGIONS


The majority of believers are convinced that their religion is the best and they must eliminate all the others.

By returning to the SOURCES, we wish to show that most of the great religions are derived from one MOTHER RELIGION, whose origin is lost in prehistory. Looking at the mixture of mysteries which intertwine endlessly, we are more and more persuaded that a Unique, Original Creator dwells in the sky.

This Creator has such power that he can be present in the universe in a Unique form and (as in the ancient Hindu religion) he can also be Omnipresent in forms which we can rarely see, as he encompasses so many different possibilities.

As Christ said, "I came from the Father and will return to the Father" and "You are his children when you do His Will". He added that if anyone loves Christ, His Father would love him also. Christ and the believer will live in God's house.

As we saw in the 3 thousand years of Egyptian history, the history of humanity is a succession of periods of hope and divine intervention, interspersed with periods of crisis when man has to give in to his worst instincts and to his SELF, to enter anew into his primitive, savage side.

The examples of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India are very significant :

Until 3000 BC, Egyptian culture was mixed in with that of Neanderthal man, who had only just emerged from the last period of glaciation. Europe had long seemed like the North Pole, but the Mediterranean basin saw the development of several civilizations, disappeared long ago.

The Greeks asserted that Atlantis was ruled over by 10 kings before its destruction in the Mediterranean basin!

This is why we believe that IMHOTEP is the best and unique guide known who can create a spiritual link between the two periods, which were opposed in every way. ONE DAY he received instructions from the civilization of Atlantis, about which we would so much like to know more.

Even though we can neither eradicate nor ignore his past; Moses (the adopted son of pharaoh), also is a bridge between a world which was ending and a world which would take up the torch for a people whose mission would be to witness the existence of God, thus helping all nations and races on Earth to see the light.

It was not just by chance that Abraham's spirituality was present in Egypt during the time that she was experiencing a time of deep spirituality herself. This led to the growth of three great religions through the centuries.

Thus Egypt, during twenty centuries, fulfilled its MISSION as a guide. It also contributed to the birth of the Jewish people, whom even during their exile in Assyria and Babylon bore witness to spiritual life to the Orient (despite their suffering, tears and martyrdom). They spread a belief in a possible rebirth in heaven for those deserving eternal life.

Moreover, those who have carefully read the Koran and the Bible know that these two Books (including the Gospel), have one source. This is explained by Mohammed the prophet when he speaks of "The Mother of Books". He said that the spirit of evil has tried to divide nations in order to dominate them and drive men to kill one another and break the Ten Commandments of GOD.

Our Aim is not to explain EVERYTHING, but on the contrary to kindle in each person an interest in going back through history to examine our origins and our "roots".

Just as a tree can take nourishment through its roots from the EARTH but also bear different fruits according to the grafting done by men, man is like a growing seed, which needs two kinds of food :


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