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While we want neither to detract nor plagiarize any other author who has written on this immense subject (the ancient Egyptian civilization), we believe that Egypt was a universal heritage for ALL: rich or poor.

For Egypt was, we assert "the Precursor and complement of the Bible", and not just a period to be studied by scholars. We have tried to present various ideas to anyone interested so that they can better understand "the language of the stones", which was inspired by a people who were completely orientated towards God.

We do not want to detract from the Hebrews who through the Diaspora inspired the Far East with knowledge of a universal God .

One day the locations of the sky and stars gave weight to the ideas of Imhotep and this changed not only the life of Djeser but that of all his successors and of all Egypt. Imhotep regained his people's credulity after the deluge. The ancient mother civilization handed down to its children knowledge, faith and hope.

If not, why did they build huge temples, royal tombs, which sparkled with semi-precious stones, such as marble, onyx and emerald, and precious metals, such as gold, covering the walls; and the floors were made of pure shining silver!...

Studies of the sources of religions hide so many mysteries and clues, which perplex our scholars. Often they are too absorbed by the material things they discover and refuse to understand the spirit and motivation which led people to express their faith by building the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and the Andes, or the temples of India, Burma and Thailand...

In the human condition, no one can claim to embody or even be the one who knows the only true religion. Jesus said  : "Several prophets will come and say that God is here, He is there. As you know a tree by the fruit that it bears, a good tree will bear good fruit, but bad trees will give wrotten fruit.

He added that divine Law could be summarize in two commandments : "You will love the Lord thy God with all your strength and all your mind and " your neighbor as yourself ". Do this and you will live (your soul will relive after death).

Although the BIBLE contains several imperfections made by the men who wrote it, it astonishes us by describing Elijah who ascended into heaven, Ezekiel who travels in time and Jesus who after being transfigured, confers on a high mountain in the middle of the night with Moses and Elijah!

In the body of work of the philosopher PLATO, even though he seems to us to be a troubled light in the night, he is a reference of the History which shows that science is a message that evolves and is transmitted from generation to generation. Certain materialists continue to neglect the essential aspect : the spirituality behind their conception.

All the evidence from the various religions is our own heritage. The pieces must be placed side by side as in a huge puzzle. The assembler of the puzzle must not get too attached to the small pieces but try to see the art and perfection of the one who composed and created the picture. He must try to discover even in the most somber tones, the many rainbow effects of the creative light of the universe and all life.

God is a great architect unpredictable and without end. Besides, is it not at absolute zero that one can preserve aliving body, without having to care for i t ? Thus, why be surprised if minute form of life can travel the universe on particles of cooled stars, which in their turn take life to be reborn in other worlds, which are ready to receive them ?

Man believes himself to be important but who is he really ?

God has no need of us but we need his help, his presence, his truth, his love, his comfort, his warmth, his light and his great wisdom.

Man, this little glimmer in the cosmic night, dreams of travelling one day faster than light, that is to reach or at least to communicate with the planets in other galaxies. Science, which can be used in many ways, will give us several hundred years from now, the chance to leave our small planet, which turns around our sun. But when will he return again to this mother earth ?

After tiring of the thirst for earthly possessions, the humans who are still alive and ready to collaborate and join together in unity, perhaps God will open new horizons to those people, so that they can, in their turn, testify to his work, his glory and his eternal mercy.

The wisdom, science and achievements of the Great Imhotep were far ahead of his time and lead us to think that even if we do not entirely understand the Atlantean civilization which was so long age, it cannot be just a figment of our imagination... Just as Jesus said when faced with the disbelief of his contemporaries.

Every civilization has its periods of greatness and its periods of doubt where skeptical people seem to negate all the work of the people of faith but like the phoenix, this bird that appears every thousand years, reborn from the ashes, humanity oneday will set out to reconstruct a better world!

The question is what will it take for our eyes to be opened (and our hearts dominating our passions) for us to find the spirit of reason, open mindedness and good will that the Pharaohs and their people had over 4,500 years ago?


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