Archeologists have discovered many beautiful artifacts which grace the greatest museums of the world. We have tried to make a connection between these stones and artifacts and the people who carved them, and to understand the spirituality which inspired them.

We invite you to make a marvelous journey to ancient Egypt, 4,800 years ago, there, on the banks of the Nile, you will discover a civilization which has lasted three thousand years.

The computer is going to try to help YOU relive the past! You will discover in particular an amazing man, who was one of the fathers of medicine, of some areas of mathematics, of architecture, and of certain religious ideas. For example, he introduced the Egyptian people to the concept of eternity, (without destroying their ancestral beliefs.)

We are persuaded that such work was not accomplished by one man, therefore we should here acknowledge all of IMHOTEP’s "team", even though we do not know their names. He alone however, knew how to develop in the minds of the Egyptian people entirely new concepts that could help enrich their life on earth. Concepts such as thinking about God, using one’s own conscience and considering one’s neighbor’s welfare. The result was that the civilization of the Mediterranean World made a technological leap which, once lost, was never quite retrieved.

We hope that this site will introduce you to some fascinating historical figures and help you to become familiar with the abundant literature on this topic.





 A great scientific innovator

A wise POLITICIAN: The first Minister and Vizier of King
Djeser An inspired ARCHITECT who constructed the first
GREAT Pyramid in the Royal necropolis of Saqqarah.

A religious sage who introduced the idea into Egypt of the
"Resurrection of souls." Thus he can also be considered to  
be a harbinger of the worship of One God, (Monotheism),
and therefore of the Bible and later of the Koran.

Founding the first real Institution of Learning , he taught
his new people Astronomy, Writing, Mathematics and
especially : MEDICINE. This could be why the Greeks
assimilated the God Asclepios of Medicine (Esculapius to
the Romans).

He lived 2800 years BC, (1000 years before Abraham),  
and the Greeks SOLON and PLATO believed him to have
Atlantean ancestry. A modest man, he was not deified until
the period just before Christ, (along with his namesake
AMENHOTEP, son of Hapou, who was a contemporary
of Akhenaton).


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